A shackle guard for your padlocks; Great idea

Udate:  As of November this is what the new shackle guards look like.  They are extremely strong, and will protect your padlock shackle from being cut.  The weak point in your security is now the door and latch!



UPDATE!  As of July 9 the new shackle guards are out and in full production.  Here are some tests we did on them at the factory.  42″ bolt cutters would NOT get through them!  These things will do the job.

commando padlock kelly alwood IMG_4707 IMG_4708 IMG_4709


The most common attack on a padlock is bolt cutters. From burglars to home owners, when the key is not available, everyone grabs a set of bolt cutters, and they usually work fast and easy. If you can get into your stuff that easy with bolt cutters, so can the bad guys. How to you defend against this common and easy-to-acquire threat? The Commando Lock Shackle Guard.

The Commando Lock Shackle Guard is a brand new product that I highly recommend for everyone who uses padlocks. You can easily and inexpensively add another layer of protection to your lock and stop thieves from stealing from you. Check out the video below for more info.

As soon as the Commando Lock Shackle Guard is available for sale, you’ll be able to find them at www.survivalcorner.com
You can purchase the padlocks now here: http://www.survivalcorner.com/commando-ichange-padlock/

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