Are lock pickers really helping you be safer??

There are tons of guys on YouTube, and all over the internet, showing you how to pick locks. Most of these guys profess to show this to the world in the interest of “security”. Their claim is that by exposing weaknesses in locking mechanisms, the manufacturers will change their designs and you will end up with a better, more secure lock. That all sounds good. And I’m sure many believe they are doing just that.306336_474089969315886_1512973938_n

However, the reality is that most lock manufacturers are not changing a thing. Commando Lock Company and Medico are a few that actually do take advice and redesign their locks as needed. The vast majority of lock companies do not. Master Lock is one of the worst quality padlocks that you can buy. The lock bodies are not the strongest, they pick easily, they bump open, they shim open easily, most can be bypassed, etc. See my Youtube videos to see how fast and easily all of these open Masterlock padlocks. They have known this for years. They won’t change their designs to correct easy-to-exploit flaws. So simply showing the world how to break into locks is, for the most part, not helping to improve security.

At Alwood Lock Sport we do things differently. Yes, we do pick locks and expose weaknesses, but we also make public attempts to show you how to counter them. We focus on countermeasures to help the average consumer. When we find an actual weakness in a lock that people count on we try to come up with a way for you, the consumer, to counter that weakness and keep safe. We have a whole new video series, and also this site and blog, to help you make a more informed choice on what lock you buy, and also how to counter the weaknesses of the products that you already own. We are not simply teaching people how to pick locks. Our focus is to demonstrate real vulnerabilities in the locks that people buy, and then show them how to make it safer and more secure.

This is a different approach than almost everyone out there. Most all the standard videos you see are how to break in, not how to keep the bad guys out. And that’s exactly what we’re doing here for you. At Alwood Lock Sport, we show you how people can break into your things, and then teach you how to keep them out.

We believe this is the honorable and ethical way to present information of this type to the public. So look at our latest videos, and the many more being shot now, to help you stay safer and more secure than ever.

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