How to pick locks like Jason Bourne

Everyone has watched the movies and wanted to pick locks like a spy. Now there is a DVD that will teach you to do just that! “LOCKPICKING DECLASSIFIED”
This is a High Def, no bs instructional video of how to pick locks. I get calls every day from good, normal people who have locked themselves out of something. Whether you lock your keys in your car, lost your key to your tool box, forgot to bring your key to your storage unit, or gate, gas cap, house, boat, bicycle, etc., this video will get you in. The video shows you how locks work, and explains in plain English how to open them with the lock picks provided. Yes, you get a free set of lock picks with this video too!
This is by far the best instructional video that I have seen on how to pick locks for beginners. The picks that come with the video are the actual picks used in the video to show you how to do it. And they are small enough to carry in your wallet for the next time you are locked out!
You can get the video here for only $20, with the lock pick kit included!

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