Kelly Alwood launching new class with TAD CORE!

Its official. Kelly Alwood has teamed up with the TAD apparel company (Triple Aught Design) and designed a new Urban survival/ bug out class in San Francisco!
This is an all new class called “The Art of Escape” and we will have the first one this month in San Francisco.

FTX2Student practicing escaping kidnapping
If the city you live in fell into crisis and disarray and you had to cope for 72 hours or get out, could you survive?

Over three intensive days, two of the physical security industry’s most sought-after professionals from Rift Recon will go hands-on with students in an immersive class that arms you with the basics to outsmart, outmaneuver and survive in a destabilized, peninsula-based city. Rift’s trainers pull from their wealth of knowledge as former military contractors and professional security detail work for high net worth individuals to ensure students emerge from The Art of Escape confident in their abilities to:

Pick and open locks
Find critical medical supplies
Obtain transport out of the crisis area
Perform urban navigation and threat analysis
Behavioral Programming (solicit) help from strangers
Build an urban survival/bug out kit
Plan escape routes; build a map and data book for your city
Execute covert movement; move through a crowd unnoticed
Escape a kidnapping (pick handcuffs, duct tape, rope, etc.)
Find food and water while on the go
Use a radio for information and communication
Defend yourself, if needed with weapons (improvised and proper)
Find shelter in the city; sleep overnight in the city safely
Gain access to restricted or unauthorized areas
Create alternative identification; find currency
Escape pursuit on foot and in a vehicle
Use commonly found materials for tools and survival purposes
Each training day begins with Rift’s experts at Triple Aught Design’s Dogpatch Base, and concludes with real-time field training exercises to implement your new skills on the streets of San Francisco. Each student receives a custom Urban Survival Kit of essential gear to help them prevail.

Kelly Alwood

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Kelly Alwood new class, TAD gear, Rift Recon
Kelly Alwood new class, TAD gear, Rift Recon

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