Why you Shouldn’t buy an expensive door lock!

lLets look at the practical application of locks on our homes. The fact is, that the door and lock are usually Not the easiest or fastest way robbers break into your house. Many, if not most, houses in America have vinyl siding on their house. Many of these do not have wood under the siding. Meaning, robbers many times have simply used a razor blade knife (carpenters knife) to cut the siding and then kick in the drywall. Very simple, fast, low tech, and nearly silent. Entering your home through the middle of the wall.
Next we look at the rest of the wall. No doubt, there are several windows on each wall of your home. These too are easily broken and make easy entry into your home. Many doors have windows on them as well, providing another avenue for the would be robber.
In most every home in America, there is at least one window that is actually not locked. Meaning the robber must simply try all of your windows and lift it up. No damage, no noise, just fast safe entry for the burglar.
Next we look at the door jam and door itself. Many doors are of poor quality, meaning they are not very strong or thick. Many of them can be breached with a hatchet or other tool and reach in and unlock the door. The door jam itself is often times not strong. This is the place where your deadbolt goes into your wall. If that is not reinforced properly, then a good kick is all that is needed to open your door. Even with a standard installation, a crow bar is all that is needed to open most doors. Firemen across the country use this technique ever day to enter homes.
So before you go out and buy a really nice, expensive high security deadbolt, remember the other more common ways a criminal uses to enter your home while you are away.
I am in no way advising not to buy a good lock. I am telling you to think about the other, most common, ways that people get robbed as well. I dont want you to buy a really nice deadbolt and think you are safe without addressing the other issues to ensure your families security.
Here are some ideas for you to implement along with the security thoughts we just discussed. First, the best security system in the world is a good guard dog. Second, have motion sensor lights around your home. A security system and signs in the yard goes a long way as a deterrent as well. Make sure your house and yard is lit up at night. Next, do not have things of great value in front of windows where people from the outside can see. We will discuss many more ideas for securing your home here on this site, just remember to address everything, not just your locks. We will show you what to look for and what to do. Most things do not require a lot of time or money. Just the insight to know what to do.
As far as window security goes, yes you can strengthen them as well. I am devoting this topic to its own post coming later this week.

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