Threat & Vulnerability Assessments in Hostile Austere Environments Certification course

Introducing our newest course, Threat & Vulnerability Assessments in Hostile Austere Environments, a course that finally, standardizes practices and procedures in conducting field assessments.  This course is designed for the professional, whose sole function is to identify penetration access points, which threaten the safety of individuals inside a compound.

This course sets the standard in the industry.

Certification Course: 35174_140924695922764_7455936_n (Fundamentals) Phase 1

Duration:                   (5) Business Days

Description:             The course is designed to introduce students to standardized practices and procedures, for conducting Threat Assessments, to secured and, or classified U.S. government facilities worldwide. The emphases will focus on understanding what is needed, how to identify relevant areas, and how to document the area.

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