Art of Escape class update

I will soon have a schedule up for this new course.  I will not be offering this course in San Francisco any longer, but will be hosting this class all over the country.

This is a real action packed class.  Is a combination of “bug out” and urban survival with several different levels.  You will learn when to leave (and if you need to), what you really need to have with you, skill sets such as lock picking, kidnap escape, behavioral programming and much more.  The final day of this 3 day class is all on the street.  Using your new skills to accomplish tasks in the real world, all while being hunted down, and constantly on the move.

Kelly Alwood designed this course late 2013 and held the first class at TAD appearal HQ as part of their CORE training, specifically for Americans, to deal with disaster and chaos in American cities.  IMG_3759

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