Secrets criminals use to break into your hotel and office in seconds!

I wanted to put the word out about a new tool being manufactured and sold to the public.  This kind of tool has been used for a while by criminals, and now everyone can buy one for $50 retail.  Most criminals have made their own at home in the past.

This tool is called the “Under the door tool”, and it works just like it sounds.  A long thin wire with a cable attached is all that is needed.  I have a video posted up so you can see exactly how it works here:

Under the door tool


As always, we are going to show you how to stop this.

After watching the video to see how it works, you will find that there is a simple fix.  To stop this attack simply roll up a towel and place it between the door handle lever and the door, so the wire simply cant grab the door lever.  Another way is to tie a string to the door lever and attach it near the top of the door, preventing it from being pulled down.

These lever handles are most likely on your office doors as well.  So be aware of this, and take precautions as the tool is being marketed world wide.


Under the door tool

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