How to break handcuffs off your wrist

I am going to show you how easily this can be done. The goal here is to make Law Enforcement, confinement officers, and Military personel aware of this technique.

Kelly Alwood researched this topic years ago to find out if it could be done. Not just by big strong men, or occasionally, but if there could be a systematic, consistent way to break handcuffs off your wrist. Kelly has done loads of research on the subject of Escape and Evasion. Kelly has been contracted to teach US Special Operations soldiers and Sailors and Marines advanced Escape techniques. This was one more area of research to do.

Kelly discovered that there was in fact a way to reliably break the handcuffs. Many different brands were tested and the result was always the same. They all broke consistently.

At this point Kelly did not release the information to the public. Kelly taught this technique to US Spec OPs in his training. Through the years, certain people inside the community had been shown this technique. It has been validated by many different sources. A slip was made, and this technique was shown live on stage at Defcon by one of these sources. It was now out on the internet available for public consumption.

The original video made by Kelly, not released to the public is seen HERE.   

A video showing Tom Kier breaking them off in a class is HERE.

Many hundreds of times they have been broken off.  This is just one quick example of how easy and fast it is to do.

The bottom line here is that constant, positive control must be maintained with your prisoner.  They cannot be left alone, or out of site.  This technique can also be done with the cuffs behind the persons back as well.  Other techniques exist, but have not been released publicly for obvious reasons, so they will not be shown or discussed here.  Just assume the prisoner is capable of getting out of his restraints quickly, and act accordingly.

Stay safe.

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