Commando Locks security pins

Most padlocks out there dont have any security pins at all in them.  Security pins are typically of the bump proof, mushroom, or spool pin types.  These special pins are one big piece that makes a lock harder to pick open.

Even the padlocks that do come with security pins, it is usually only 1 or 2.  Military padlocks normally come with 3 or 4 inside.  One thing that puts Commando Locks padlocks into a class far above the average, is the the fact that there padlocks come with ALL 10 pins being security pins!  See below what they look like.

commando padlock security pins

This makes a HUGE difference in the difficulty of someone picking open your lock.  It literally takes an 8 year old kid with an improvised to a matter of seconds to pick open a standard Master lock padlock.  To pick open a Commando padlock will take much more time, training, tools, and most importantly skills.  Dont be fooled by Chinese locks and their claims.  If it doesnt say Commando on it, its probably made in China. And that includes Master Lock and all of the other major brands sold in the United States.

You can find these great locks sold online HERE.

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