Commando Padlocks

This is a brand and company that I Really like.  The owner Patrick Smith has been plugged into the locksport and security community and really taken the initiative to innovate were other companies are just copying.

You can find them HERE

I meet regularly with Commando Lock Company.  I go to the factory and work on new ideas and designs and discuss security features with them to ensure they are producing the best possible lock on the market for the money.

One particular thing that makes me proud of Commando is that the parts are designed, built, assembled and boxed right here in the USA!  Truly made in America.  Designed in America with the best technology in the industry.  These padlocks surpass military requirments and cost a fraction of what some imported padlocks do.

I will continue to update this page with new innovations and products from this great company.  If you use a padlock for any reason, you should buy this brand.

The are available here


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