Commando IChange 3

This is the new generation of Commando Locks IChange.  The IC3.


You can get them HERE

There are several improvements made to this already innovative and tough padlock.

The first upgrade Patrick did was to change the core cylinder.  These now come with Y52 keyways (as shown below), which are more difficult to pick.  These new cylinders have 5 pin stacks, with 10 security pins!  Thats right, all of the pins are security pins.  The driver (top) pins are all spool pins and the key (bottom) pins are all serrated.  This exceeds military standards and requirements.

commando lock ichange kelly alwood


The body of these padlocks are the strongest out there!  They have a proprietary technology that noone else has been able to copy.  These locks are crazy strong.  I cannot give away the secrets to the manufacturing process that makes them so strong, but suffice it to say that no other laminated lock comes close.



The shackles are different as well.  These new IC3’s come with Boron Alloy shackles.  They originally came with hardened steel shackles, which were tough, but nowhere near the strength of these new Boron Alloy shackles.  You will know your padlock has the new Boron Alloy shackle by reading the letters on the top of the shackle.  If it says “Commando” it is a new Boron Alloy.  The older hardened steel shackles will say “Hardened”.  All the shackles pictured below are their new Boron Alloy.



The coolest feature of these IChange padlocks are that you can take off the shackle and replace it with a different one of different size when you need it.  Shown below are a long and short shackle.



This feature allows for the use of Commando Lock Companies new shackle guard.  With this new invention, that can be taken on and off as desired, your shackle cannot be attacked or cut because it is protected.  Shown below are the new shackle guards with the new IC3’s.


The shackle guard in the video was the first production/prototype that we originally tested for proof of concept.  These new production versions look very nice, and are crazy tough.  We could not get to the shackle or cut the guard with these huge bolt cutters.

IMG_5732  IMG_5767 IMG_5768


I have a new video coming explaining all of the new features and upgrades done to the IC3.  I will post it here when its ready.

Another Amazing feature of these padlocks is that they can be keyed alike, AND Master keyed! Thats right, you can order these in any quantity to be keyed alike.  You can also order them Master keyed for commercial use, or anywhere you use lots of locks and need to control who enters certain things and places.  Who else does this?

One of the best parts of these products is that they are made in the USA.

As always, a big attaboy to Patrick Smith of Commando Lock Company for his pursuit of perfection of products to make people safer.


I have a great time working with Patrick and Commando Lock Company.  Great products and people.

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