Commando Padlocks new shackles

I just spent the day with Patrick Smith at Commando Lock Factory again today. As always we had a great time.
I wanted to give you all an update on the new shackles that are coming with Commando Padlocks. The new shackles are made of Boron Alloy. They are much stronger than the Hardened steel. They are more cut resistant, and pull weight is stronger as well. The new shackles can look very simular to the older hardened steel ones. The way to tell what kind of Commando shackle you have is to look at the labeling on the top of the shackle.
If it says “Hardened” then its the older hardened steel version as seen below.



If you look at the top of the shackle and see “Commando”, then it is the new Boron Alloy.  The finish on the two different steels may make them appear to be the same, but by reading the label you can tell which one you have for sure.

This is what the new Boron Alloy shackles look like.



You can see the two differnt steels in the picture below.  They look the same in finish and size, but you can tell which one is which by the labels.


Commando is also now producing a smaller size lock with smaller shackles as well.  I have those featured on another page, however you can see the difference here.



You can get these HERE



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