OnPoint Tactical’s “Urban Escape and Evasion” course

This course was the creation of Kevin Reeve, owner of On Point Tactical LLC.  This is OPTs flagship class.  The course was originally developed to train Special Operations Forces and DOD Security Contractors working overseas in the new battlefield.  This class is the Original, and the longest running Urban E&E course out there.  It is constantly under development, and updated regularly.  The class was eventually opened up to select civilians, and is now accessible to most everyone who desires to be self reliant.

Kelly Alwood and Alwood LockSport fully endorse this program.  The curriculum and instruction for this course is superb.  It has reached the attention of national and international media throughout the years.  This class has been featured in “The Counter Terrorist Magazine”, NY Times best-selling book by Neil Strauss “Emergency”, The History Channel, AP, TV and radio segments, and many more.  This course has been taught to units and members of Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs, SOCOM, MARSOF, and many others under contract by the government.

One great component of this course is the Lock Picking section.  Here students all learn how to pick locks, deadbolts, vehicles, and padlocks.  Kevin and his staff are wonderful instructors, and everyone leaves with the ability to pick locks.

Another great portion is the anti-kidnapping instruction.  Here the students learn how to escape being tied, chained, handcuffed and zip-tied.  Any way you could be bound, you learn to get yourself free.

This course is perfect for those who travel.  Everyone who travels overseas must take this class.  Businessman and tourists alike.  All those who want the ability to provide for their own safety and security here at home will also greatly benefit from this course.

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